What’s the best way to load your air seeder in the field?

Crop preparation and sowing can be particularly time consuming if you don’t have the best equipment for the job. This highly crucial farming process can be made a lot easier and quicker with the use of a Field Loader belt conveyor to load your air seeder whilst in the field. Read More

Grain auger vs grain conveyor for handling wheat

Grain augers and conveyors are widely considered to be the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to move grain between transfer and storage points. While both are designed to serve the same general purpose, there are some crops which are better suited to an auger compared to... Read More

8-point service checklist for your transportable grain auger

Just like trucks and tractors, transportable grain augers need routine servicing to ensure they are always ready to go when harvest time rolls around. Investing some time and elbow grease into your auger will help prevent it from breaking down due to a lack of maintenance and... Read More

8 things to look for in a high quality grain auger

An auger is an auger is an auger, right? Well, not exactly. Not all augers are designed and built the same. A high quality grain auger will have hard-wearing features for maximum longevity and ease of use. Read More

Grain auger vs grain conveyor for handling chickpeas

Grain augers and grain conveyors are both designed to serve the same general purpose – moving grains, legumes, rice, nuts or dry bulk commodities So while they are both capable of handling conventional types of crops (e.g. wheat, barley, sorghum), there are some crops which are... Read More

5 benefits of using a grain conveyor for handling dry bulk commodities

Many factories and warehouses rely on front end loaders and manual handling to move dry bulk commodities into containers, ships or semi-trailers. These methods can be time-consuming, labour intensive and, in the case of manual handling, pose certain safety hazards to workers. Read More

How to improve harvest efficiency with a high capacity grain auger

Over the years, there’s been a noticeable trend in Australian grain farms consolidating and increasing in size and output. In the past, the average sized farm could get away with using an 8 or 10-inch grain auger at harvest time and still get things done efficiently. Read More