What’s the best way to load your air seeder in the field?

Crop preparation and sowing can be particularly time consuming if you don’t have the best equipment for the job. 

This highly crucial farming process can be made a lot easier and quicker with the use of a Field Loader belt conveyor to load your air seeder whilst in the field.  

A Field Loader conveyor is absolutely ideal when you need a longer reach to load quickly or whenever there is a low clearance and tight fit for emptying. 

Westfield Augers have a range of shorter conveyors with Field Loaders suitable to make your crop preparation and sowing processes easier.

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About Westfield’s Field Loader range 

Westfield Field Loaders include all the benefits of our standard belt conveyors, but feature an extended low profile hopper. The unique collapsible design of the low profile hopper with extended intake reach makes it easy to get in and under silos and air seeders.

These conveyors are not only the perfect fit for loading air seeders in the field with minimal fuss, but are also the ideal truck loading machine around your silo complex to fill B doubles and road trains in record time.

With an out loading rate for wheat of up to 250 tonnes per hour and fantastic maneuverability, it makes for an easy one-person operation.

The WCX1549FL comes standard with a collapsible low profile hopper, 4 wheel hydraulic steering, hydraulic power to both drive wheels, and hydraulic lift on both the intake and discharge end.

Power to the conveyor belt consists of a highly reliable drive box and belt system for maximum power efficiency with the machine being powered with a 32.5 HP Kohler engine.

An electric clutch to the conveyor belt and LED lights are standard features that further contribute to an easier experience.

Using a conveyor vs using an auger for loading an air seeder

One of the key advantages of using a conveyor over an auger to load your air seeder is that not only is it a safer and more pleasant operation but conveyors are much more gentle on your precious planting seed. 

Additionally, there is far less dust at the discharge end and the belt runs very quietly and can be run at very low capacity or empty and at low speed without causing undue wear.

The 4 high flotation tyres and hydraulic steering on the intake end assist greatly when positioning the conveyor over the air seeder bin in soft conditions.

The high density plastic discharge hood also further reduces seed impact damage at the top end.

The Field Loader range is also available as a basic unit powered from your tractor hydraulics. A further, simpler version is available with the standard collapsible triangular hopper.

eBook Download: Grain Auger vs Belt Conveyor Comparison Guide

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Our expert team all come from farming backgrounds, so we have a real understanding of the importance of choosing the right grain handling equipment to meet your needs. 

While gentle on grain, our grain conveyors are built tough and engineered from the ground up for a long service life. Each grain belt is designed to handle a broad range of grain quality and moisture content to ensure your grain flows smoothly.

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